JonnyChapps Mercantile specializes in everything from hardwood flags and home decor to concealment furniture and military gifts. If you are looking for that perfect piece for your home or place of business or a special gift for someone in your life we’ve got you covered. Every product is handmade in our small wood shop at time of purchase, so you’re not buying something “off the shelf” you're buying something that was made just for you.

about jonnychapps

My name is Jon, and I have had an interest in fabricating and woodworking since I was a kid. I have been happily married to my wife Jess for over 15 years and we have one amazing daughter. I've been working full time in the United States Coast Guard since 2000 and have traveled to every corner of the US.

Today I live in Maine with my wife, daughter and two dogs and am handcrafting part time out of my garage workshop.